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Welcome to United-Auto Transport

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  • United-Auto Transport is a Florida Based auto shipping company, specializing in shipping autos quickly and safely across FLORIDA and the rest of the U.S.
  • We provide dependable auto shipping for Highline Exotic Automobile Dealerships individuals nationwide on open or enclosed trucks and treat everyone like a STAR.
  • United was created with the need for an auto shipping company that truly catered to the needs of the customer. Our goal is to be recognized as setting a new industry standard of efficient and caring auto shipping services.
  • How we are different: We are an FMCSA licensed U.S. auto shipping company.

Transport Options

Our car transport options included open carrier and enclosed carrier services. Which ever transport option you choose, we guarantee you will receive professional, safe and courteous delivery of your vehicle. All our transport options also include dependable and timely delivery. We focus on making every experience as friendly and simple as possible for our clients.

Enclosed Carrier Option

Enclosed transport is a prefered option for antique, luxury, classic or customized vehicles, but can be used for any and all vehicles. Enclosed Transport offers added protection and safety from any road hazards, dust, debris, and all weather elements. For an added expense you can have the safety of an enclosed carrier to deliver your vehicle. See how we transport luxury vehicles.

Open Carrier Option

Open carrier transport is our prefered option for moving everyday vehicles, and is more affordable than the enclosed option, yet still offers high quality door to door service and expeditious delivery. Most day to day vehicles are exposed to weather elements and do not require the added expense of an enclosed trailer. Remember which ever option you choose we stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.